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31 October 2006 @ 01:18 am
I attempted to write something scary... we shall see...

MUAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* HAHAHA!!!

Happy Halloween! :)

Title: Nightmare
Author: [info]apapercrane
Fandom, Paring: Teen Titans, none
Rating: PG-13  -to-  R (?)
Warnings: Blood, creepyness, horrible cliche (?)
Summary: There's a shadowy figure outside the tower... Beastboy goes to investigate.

listed words:
blood *
nightmare *
frozen *
black *
moon *

It was cold, frigid even. Beastboy had been in the ravine before, yet he had never remembered it to be this cold. He shivered inwardly before collecting himself once more and blowing out a reassuring, though slightly unconfident burst of breath that splashed against his face in a vapor cloud. He raised his head and began to walk slowly down the rocky trail.

He was following someone – something… a shadow. He had seen a dark figure shifting outside of the Titan Tower as he was getting his nightly midnight soy ice cream snack. Normally he would have thought it nothing; just a shift in the moonlight on the rocks below. This night, though, he could have sworn that he had seen a flash of red heading toward the ravine just inland of the Tower.

Beastboy proceeded hesitantly, attempting to remain as quiet as possible, making sure not to disturb anything that preferred to remain, well, undisturbed. The path he was following, however, ended in a large pile of boulders stacked nearly two stories above his head. Nothing could have come this way, that was for sure. Beastboy turned to leave, when he heard a faint gasping noise, as if someone were fruitlessly coming up for air – it was coming from the top of the boulders.

Beastboy looked again to the topmost rock, wishing he had just been hearing things. He silently turned into an owl with the intent to fly straight up to investigate, when he froze. His nocturnal eyes could make a faint outline of a shifting shape, black as if it were a part of the cloudy sky behind it, slowly swaying back and forth in a nearly rhythmic pattern. He quickly decided a less direct means of investigating would be wiser, as he flew like a ghost from rock to rock, until he found a good hiding spot to watch the figure. Crouching behind a large bolder, Beastboy returned to his form and glanced toward the scene.

The sight rooted him to the spot. The figure he had been following was no trick of his imagination. It was a robbed figure, each of its vertebras contorted into a hunched, twisted position and its focus solely on something in its arms. It seemed to be rocking back on its heals studding the thing in its possession … and It was a exuding a sharp piercing hiss, like a broken water valve.

Suddenly, from within the blackness of the figure’s robes, Beastboy caught his first glimpse of what it was carrying… it appeared to look like an arm. The creamy white of a young girl’s skin shined like the moon through the thing’s cloak, followed slowly by a shoulder, a collar bone, a neck, and finally a blond head lolled back with ice blue eyes round and blazing. Her mouth was locked open as she was gasping for air, but receiving none. More and more of the body was shown, when Beastboy realized what was happening. The rocking figure had been turning toward him inch by inch, apparently still unaware of his presence.

Until suddenly the girls eyes met with Beastboy’s. She drew in a harsh raspy breath and began to convulse, bucking and flaying her arms to the best of her ability. The creature, once feeble in appearance, shot upward standing at it’s full height of nearly eight feet, turning blazing red eyes on Beastboy. Before he could move he felt a stabbing pain between his shoulder blades throwing him against the bolder he was crouched behind. His eyes were locked open looking toward the pale girl, his arms hanging limply at his side. He could not move.

The figure bolted to his side, and even though Beastboy couldn’t bring himself to move his head the could see the creature out of the corner of his eye, not more than an inch away from his cheek. Its breath was of ice and stank of rotting meat.

It’s red mouth opened and it said in a supernaturally high voice, “You’ll be next, changeling.”

The figure shifted once more, arriving a split second later at the side of the limp girl. Once again it lifted her in its arms. Beastboy watched in horror as it slowly brought the girl close under its hood. The rank mouth slowly opened, in turn, to reveal a pair of three inch long fangs. Beastboy tried his hardest to look away, yet he could not move his eyes from the horrors in front of him. The creature sank its teeth deep into the flesh of the girl, causing wine colored blood to flow freely from her jugular vain. The creature feasted greedily as the half dead girl gurgled and twitched in protest.

The image was too much for Beastboy to take. The last thing he remembered was the hood of the creature’s cloak slowly falling back off its head. He could have sworn he had seen a glimmer of purple from the recesses of the shadow before all went black.


He blacked out.


“Beastboy, Beastboy!”
“Stay away!” He screamed, kicking and throwing his arms hoping to come into contact with something.
“Beastboy it’s me! What are you doing out here? You’re going to kill yourself, its freezing!”
Raven? He thought to himself he opened his eyes slowly.
There she was standing. In a black cloak. Her eyes gleaming red and her fangs protruding over her smiling, bloodied lips.

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ayellowumbrella: freakoutayellowumbrella on October 31st, 2006 02:09 pm (UTC)
"making sure not to disturb anything that preferred to remain, well, undisturbed."

MWUHAHAHA! Ok, I won't lie, I didn't see that coming. I mean, I didn't expect you to write something so creepy, and I wasn't expecting that ENDING! EEEEK!

Very nice.